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November was another Big Month in Print. In this latest Print Files podcast, industry insiders Wayne Robinson and Lindy Hughson dissect the big stories, issues and trends emerging in ANZ print
Episode 1928th November 2021 • The Print Files • Yaffa Media
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Wayne Robinson, editor of Print21, and Lindy Hughson, publisher of Print21 and PKN Packaging News, bring us a review and analysis of the major developments, issues and trends emerging in the ANZ print industry during November.

We start the episode with a discussion of COP26 and the world's intention to become carbon neutral and discuss a number of examples of the print industry already working to improve sustainability, The change is being driven by print companies wanting to improve their sustainability along with the increased demand within the market for sustainable providers and the rising importance of eco credentials in tenders.

Wayne and Lindy then focus on the various industry groups introducing programs to become carbon neutral but also note that while being green may help improve your bottom line, it doesn't shield you from external forces and the realities of commercial life, as some have sadly discovered.

From sustainability the discussion moves on to the impacts of the shipping crisis and how the increases in delays and costs are providing opportunities for on-shore work. We discuss a few examples of this in New Zealand along with the benefits of keeping work, and its associated funds, on-shore.

The episode wraps with a look at some mergers and acquisitions within the industry, the news that Sandra Duerte is moving on to new opportunities, the national print awards and some thoughts on what to expect next year.


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