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Episode 2610th December 2021 • Trumpet Dynamics • James Newcomb
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I admit I was a bit too quick to brush this interview off. Brian Hayes contacted me awhile back letting me know he'd just published an interview with the great Jim Manley, and would I be so kind as to share it with people I know.

I don't typically do such things, but I did ask Brian if he would be game for a call and put our chat on the podcast feed. He was indeed game, and while I thought I'd give the obligatory 25 minutes or so to a non-trumpet player roaming the hallowed halls of the Trumpet Dynamics podcast, it ended up being a terrific interview that I'm sure you'll enjoy - especially if you're the entrepreneurial, creative type of musician.

A bonus I'm sure you'll love is Brian's interview with Jim Manley. It's over two hours long, so I'm publishing it as a separate episode.

So you've got your hands full of content this weekend!