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The Best Gay Cities to Live in California | Queer Money Ep. 475
Episode 47525th January 2024 • Queer Money®: How Gay People Do Money • Queer Money
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What is the most affordable LGBTQ+ friendly city in California?

It has more people than Canada has Canadians, in the summer it produces “watermelon snow” and its where the Great Depression of 1929 - 1939 was more of a recession thanks to its thriving agricultural production.

If you were a Windows XP user, you saw one of its mountains every single time you turned on your work computer, it’s home to “gravity hills” - places where gravity doesn’t quite act as it should and its where the fortune cookie was born.

You’re listening to Queer Money episode #475. And today, we’re sharing the most affordable, LGBTQ+ friendly city in California. Now, on with the show.

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