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Blue Rupees Episode 51 - E3 2020 Cancelled, Spawn in MK11, Reggie Loves GameStop, Frog Fractions GGB
Episode 5112th March 2020 • The Blue Rupees Podcast • Blue Rupees Network
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What’d we play?: 00:11:00

What’d we get?: 00:40:05

Trivia: 00:59:00

Mortal Kombat’s Spawn is out: 01:26:00

FFVII Remake Producer wants a Parasite Eve Remake: 01:30:30

E3/GDC/Overwatch League events canceled: 01:40:00

Call of Duty: Warzone out: 01:52:45

Reggie joins Gamestop: 01:54:35

Games Gone By: Frog Fractions: 01:56:48