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Tall Can Sports Ep094: Can't See Shite From Here
14th November 2016 • Tall Can Audio • Tall Can Audio
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Rob & Matt are back on the mic for an all new TCS. Early on in free agency it looks like the Blue Jays are going to cheap out, reverting back to the sad sack days for this fan base. Is it a reasonable approach for this ownership group or do they owe the fans a little something more? Later on, the boys check in on the Ontario based NHL franchises. Why are fans not turning out to see a Sens team that has gotten off to a hot start? And what is to make of the Leafs .500 take-off in which they are amongst the league's highest scoring teams but unable to keep the puck out of their own goal? Sports for a Monday morning. Let's rock y'all!

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TCA 1000!

Don’t forget that the thousandth episode of Tall Can Audio podcast will drop Monday August 8th. Matty Laing, Michaela Schreiter, Rob Christy and Matt Robinson will all be in the TCA Studio together for the very first time. Don’t miss it!

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