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The Importance of Letting Go with Dave LaGue
Episode 8626th October 2022 • Bridging The Gap • Bridging The Gap
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Joining us from Topeka, Kansas, we’re excited to welcome Dave LaGue, Director of Sales and Marketing at Advisors Excel, on Bridging The Gap. 

We open the conversation by discussing the importance of letting go, and Dave shares some small wins from people who have let go of aspects of their wealth management firms and the success they experienced. He also shares tips to help start letting go, whether in our professional or personal lives.

We also have a fun conversation around the sales processes to selling wealth management services to individuals, and the power of having thinking time. We also talk about the importance of having your workflows documented.


Dave’s focus on the team is finding and building relationships with advisors who are not currently with Advisors Excel.

He LOVES to connect hungry advisors with best practices and relationships that help them get what they want out of their businesses. In the half-decade he’s been in the business, he has been fortunate enough to interact with several of the top producers in the country. These producers have a high caliber of character and have enabled him to help many others solve their frustrations and grow their practices by graciously sharing their playbooks. Dave has helped advisors effortlessly transition into the AE community, often more than doubling their business while increasing their quality of life along the way.

Behind the Scenes:

When I am not in the office, you will probably find me at home in Lawrence, Kansas with my wife and high school sweetheart, Makenzie, and our three kids. I love hanging out with my kids, and when we finally get them to bed, Makenzie and I have a weekly Monopoly game night over Zoom with college friends from across the country. Every game, the winner gets to Sharpie their name on the winner’s board, so there’s a great deal at stake every week. I love long conversations with good friends and having a good laugh.

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