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You Need an Organizing Board – Discover Why with Jimmy Alauria [AW 112]
Episode 1122nd July 2022 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Guest host and shop tour with Jimmy Alauria, 3A Automotive and Diesel Repair, Phoenix, AZ. Does your shop have individual unicorn employees? Or does it have a team with leaders? Dive into his Organizing Board comprised of 7 divisions.

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Jimmy Alauria, 3A Automotive and Diesel Repair, Phoenix, AZ. Jimmy's previous episodes HERE

Key Talking Points

  • Are you too consumed looking for a ‘unicorn’ employee?
  • Is there a shortage?
  • Technician surveys- easier to communicate and find new hires. 
  • Techs want to work in an organized shop- you need a structure for each role that can be referenced 
  • When Jimmy took over the shop from his family his ‘unicorn’ left
  • Numbers don't tell a story, they tell trends over time
  • Shop flow chart- a system that works and can be followed
  • Organizing Board from Left to Right- Blue - Executive Division, Gold - Communication Division, Purple - Marketing & Sales Division, Pink - Finance Division, Green - Production Division, Grey - Quality Control Division, Yellow - Public Relations Division. 7 divisions with executives, brings accountability and trust

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