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COVID-19 Crisis Communications Lessons
Episode 1910th June 2021 • Public Sector Marketing Show • Joanne Sweeney
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COVID-19 presented government and public sector agencies with some of the greatest challenges of the modern era. 

But in this episode I’m going to share real-life case studies of how agile they proved to be. And also, how in the absence of a vaccine, they succeeded in containing a virus and winning public trust with digital communications. 

Coming up in Episode 19 of the Public Sector Marketing Show:

  • The role of digital communications during COVID-19
  • Why we will never revert to pre-Covid communications 
  • Lessons learned from a pandemic: hear from the World Health Organisation, Ireland’s national health service, a Greek MEP in the European Parliament and higher education in Ireland and find out how they managed public engagement during lockdown 
  • Take our Certificate in Digital Crisis Communications 

Stay tuned and hear remarkable public sector professionals share great insights which will provide important case studies in the annals of history. 

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