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008: Know Your Risk Score and Don't Rely on Dumb Luck!
Episode 89th June 2022 • Retirement Equals Freedom • Josh Bretl
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Live! From their new podcast studio, it’s a big day for co-hosts Josh Bretl and Dave Schmidt of The Retirement = Freedom Podcast. They’re even pretty sure that at least one of their mothers will be tuning in for sage advice delivered with inimitable (truly) wit and charm!

This episode offers important follow-up on the topic of greed – not what it is, but how to avoid falling prey to it! The first step is defining your appetite for risk. And not in those frequently used, way-too-general terms: Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive. Josh details a more precise way to measure comfort levels relative to where we are in our retirement journey – as well as how it all correlates (or doesn’t!) with market exposure.

You’ll also learn about how a bull market like the one we’ve seen over the past decade can hit the skids, leaving portfolios out of whack and vulnerable to huge losses with long-lasting consequences. Says Josh: “Risk is actually a fun topic once you understand it – and it gives you a lot of power and control!” Definitely, when it comes to financial planning. But as far as how risk relates to selecting from the menu at a sushi restaurant? That’s another kettle of fish (ba-dum-bum!). Exactly what does that mean? Tune in to find out on Episode 8, the one that lifts The Retirement = Freedom Podcast into the top 2 million shows out there today (according to Dave’s research, which may or may not be statistically valid)!

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