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The Future of Remote Global Payroll with Marcelo Lebre #97
Episode 975th December 2022 • The Payroll Podcast • Nick Day - JGA Payroll Recruitment
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Nick Day is joined on The Payroll Podcast sofa by Marcelo Lebre, the COO and co-founder of!

Marcelo was previously VP of Engineering at Unbabel and has held several CTO positions. He frequently speaks at events about leadership and managing remote teams and is a startup advisor and mentor to entrepreneurs.

Marcelo is a passionate engineer, proud dad, and sci-fi nerd who loves building products and scaling architectures to bring people together to build extraordinary things.

For those not yet familiar with Remote, Marcelo co-founded Remote in 2019 along with CEO Job van der Voort to simplify how companies employ global talent by opening up the world of work for every person, business, and country. Recently, in 2021 following a 150 million dollar funding rounds, the business was valued at over $1 billion. The business continues to evolve, and one of these evolutions has seen Remote take care of global payroll, benefits, compliance, and taxes. continue to help and support companies so they can focus on their most important asset, their people.

In this “The Future of Remote Global Payroll” episode with Marcelo Lebre on The Payroll Podcast, we also explore the following:

  1. What does the word payroll mean to you?
  2. What is global payroll, and what does it include?
  3. What are some of the most pressing issues that multinational organizations face regarding global payroll operations?
  4. Global payroll involves much more than processing employee payments; it is now considered an essential strategic asset rather than an administrative one. Why is this, and what do you think caused this appreciation change?
  5. What was the gap in the global payroll market that you identified that led you to launch Remote?
  6. The recent Series C funding round raised $300 million. Is this a signal of intent that proves the importance of payroll?
  7. Why may companies unfamiliar with global payroll struggle to recognize the many challenges of compliance, taxation, and other obstacles that payroll solutions can solve?
  8. Remote undertook a Global Workforce Revolution Report. Can you tell us more about the report and its findings?
  9. What is a partner-dependent global payroll service?
  10. What is an owned-entity global payroll service?
  11. What are the best practices for global payroll that [ayroll professionals need to consider?
  12. What does the future of payroll look like?


Links highlighted in this “The Future of Remote Global Payrollepisode are included below:

Of course, if you are a Payroll Leader listening to this podcast and you have a Payroll-related vacancy that you would love some specialist payroll recruitment support – please also get in touch with me!  I would love to help show you what a great payroll recruitment experience feels like!  You can reach out to me directly at or give me a call – at 01727 800377

Thanks for listening, folks – I hope you enjoyed this Payroll Podcast, and I look forward to bringing you the next episode of the Payroll Podcast soon!



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