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How did you get here: Interview with Managing Director at Appt China - Joy Quan
9th January 2024 • Sheffield Digital Podcast • Sheffield Digital
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Joy Quan shares her journey from starting out as an international student at the University of Sheffield to becoming the Managing Director at Appt China in Kunming. Appt is an international digital agency specialising in bespoke app, web and software development and digital communications in the UK and China.

Joy tells us what it was like arriving in Sheffield as a Postgraduate student, how she found the opportunity to join Appt as an intern, why the company founders decided to open an office in China, and what her role as Managing Director mainly involves doing. She also talks about some of the challenges for international students, including language barriers and knowing where to find opportunities.

She says that she found her dream job after her studies at the University of Sheffield. Hear this and much more in the 30 minute interview between Joy and Sarah Lister.

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Notes and Links

Joy was interviewed online by Sarah Lister, Membership Coordinator at Sheffield Digital, on 26th October 2023.



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