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Roman Gonzalez | Success Through Belief in Your Own Exceptionalism
Episode 87th June 2022 • High Growth Founders • Kasey Jones
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In today's episode of High Growth Founders, Kasey chats with Roman Gonzalez, founder and CEO of Gardenio and board member at Divinc.  Roman Gonzalez is passionate about teaching others and making them feel comfortable in the world.

In this show, Roman delves into the philosophical aspect of being a mission-based founder and the positive lessons he has experienced. 

He will share an inspiring story about how they got into Techstars. 

He will also discuss why he considers pre-seed investors to be angel investors. 

Finally, Roman will reveal the #1 resource he recommends for founders.

You will also discover why Kasey feels most comfortable around philosophers.

Join Kasey and Roman for an inspiring conversation about pre-seed funding, the courage to serve, and daily gratitude.


What You Will Learn in this Show:

  • How Gardenio was founded, what it does, and what its mission is. 
  • How Roman's attitude keeps him motivated and committed to his company's mission. 
  • The most important advice for founders. 
  • And so much more...


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