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The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast - Ben Morton EPISODE 10, 27th September 2020
Episode #010 - Andy Page. Former CEO of Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, UK & Europe
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Episode #010 - Andy Page. Former CEO of Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, UK & Europe


... to episode number 10 and my interview with Andy Page who is the former CEO of Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, UK and Europe.

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Episode Overview

Andy is now a director of Koru, an organisation which - as the name suggests - is dedicated to enabling growth and new opportunity.  Andy provides consultancy, strategic challenge, advice and implementation support to facilitate the development and delivery of innovative, accessible and affordable healthcare solutions.

The over-riding theme of my conversation with Andy is the power of relationships and building trust. Andy describes how his overseas assignments taught him to really understand the subtleties of different cultures and the need to get to know people and understand what motivates them.  As he says himself, just getting the job done, isn’t what gets most people out of bed in the morning.

And in addition to all of these we dive into leading a cultural change programme, authenticity as a leader and leading yourself before you can lead others.

So without any further delay, please enjoy my conversation with Andy Page.

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