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Soccer Parenting with Skye Eddy
Episode 1631st October 2023 • The Bear and the Ball • Nick Webster
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Skye Eddy discovered her passion for soccer at an early age. Her enthusiasm for the sport, combined with her keen interest in child development and education, paved the way for her unique contributions to the soccer community.

Eddy's journey in soccer began with her own experiences as a player. She excelled in the sport and continued to develop her skills over the years. Her understanding of the game and her observations of the youth soccer landscape led her to recognize the crucial role parents play in a child's soccer experience.

Realizing the need for guidance and support for parents navigating the complexities of youth soccer, Skye Eddy founded Her vision was to create a platform that not only offers resources and guidance but also fosters a community where parents, coaches, and players can come together to enhance the youth soccer experience. provides a wealth of information, resources, and educational materials aimed at supporting parents in understanding the various aspects of youth soccer. It covers topics ranging from skill development and game strategy to navigating the emotional and psychological aspects of the sport for young athletes.

On this episode of the Bear and the Ball, your host Nick Webster digs deep to discover the secret of soccer parenting.




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