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How to transform from employee to CEO with Lana Fox
Episode 1524th August 2020 • SLP Money • Utterly Financial
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My guest on this episode of SLP Money is Lana Fox, the CEO of Clinic Note, an EMR designed to help SLPs stay compliant and be more efficient.

While most clinicians know they should be using an EMR, Lana and I spend most of our conversation talking about the attributes that has helped make her a successful CEO. These include...

  • Educating your customer on the services that you provide so they can make an informed decision on working with you and your practice. 
  • Networking with local programs can accelerate you growth by introducing you to mentors, investors and partnership opportunities
  • Taking micro actions and earning small wins is the key to accomplishing your big, scary long-term goals.
  • Also, Lana shares an inspirational story of how she overcame the challenges her company faced when it was nearly out of money. She was able to creatively change her ideal customer profile and start focusing on a new type of client to bring in cash flow and keep the business moving forward.

The 3 big takeaways that I had from my conversation with Lana are…

  1. Break down your long-term goals into smaller, more achievable micro goals. The positive momentum you build by accomplishing these goals will make the more daunting, large projects seem more attainable.
  2. Identify the redundant tasks that you find taking up a large portion of your time and bandwidth. Begin to explore possibilities like hiring another employees, outsourcing to a virtual assistant or partnering with a local university to have an intern.
  3. Research the local offerings in your town, county and state to see if they are offering any economic development grants or programs to entice hiring in your communities.  

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