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How to avoid overwhelm when launching?
Episode 507th March 2022 • The Launch Strategist • Katrina Douglas
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Launching can be exhausting and seem quite draining however, mostly when planning there's no room to accommodate our person - essentially planning like we're robots or in ideal situations. In this episode, Katrina discusses another factor that'll facilitate a holistic launch: Taking our disposition and feelings into consideration when planning a launch and offering tips on how to manage stress or manage a launch for when it gets overwhelming.

Few nuggets of wisdom

  • Put things into perspective: Your launch is important but it's not your life.
  • Pace yourself: It takes time to build a strong foundation there's no rush in building something that'll outlive you.
  • Protect your relationships as you build or grow: where necessary include the people most important to you.
  • Be patient with yourself and understand that mistakes are opportunities to learn.

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