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Trust Your Intuition and Follow Your Calling by Letting Go of External Validation with Alana Van Der Sluys
Episode 716th April 2023 • The Empowered Wisdom Show • Molly MacCartney
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Learn more about today's guest, Alana Van Der Sluys:

Check out guest Alana Van Der Sluys' new book: Freedom with Food and Fitness. It’s a practical guide to incorporating intuitive eating into your everyday life if you’re someone whose finally ready to ditch dieting but still wants to pursue health through nutrition and fitness. There are a lot of stories from her own journey from undiagnosed eating disorders to food freedom that correspond to the real-life tips and tricks she incorporates into her life today as a working mom. The book is divided into two parts—food and fitness—and both will debunk the myths we’ve been socialized to believe about what makes us healthy, beautiful, confident and worthy. It’s available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and will be officially released on November 14.

Pre-order your copy and get $250 in bonus material and discounts on intuitive eating coaching through Alana's program, Defy the Diet. After you pre-order the book, go to to get the free bonuses.

About the Empowered Wisdom Show:

Want to use the power of your intuition to transcend self-doubt, fear, and dis-empowering relationship patterns... So you can live your best life without holding yourself back?

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Welcome to the Empowered Wisdom Show!

My name is Molly MacCartney.

I'm an Intuitive Medium, author of the Amazon bestselling book Empower Your Wisdom, and the founder of The Empowered Wisdom School.

This show was created for for high achieving spiritual women who want to pursue a higher calling (and their bliss) without fear, doubt, and disempowering relationships holding them back…. by developing trust in their intuition and spiritual gifts.

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