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745: Destroying Distractions // A Thousand Daily Deaths 08 (Eric Ludy + Nathan Johnson)
13th December 2021 • Daily Thunder Podcast • Eric Ludy + Nathan Johnson
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In this special twelve-part series, Eric Ludy and Nathan Johnson release one episode a week in preparation for their new series starting January 17, 2022. Throughout these twelve episodes, they explore twelve key truths every Christian needs right now for the times in which we live.

In episode eight, Eric and Nathan discuss the variety of things we turn to in times of crisis. For many of us, we turn to ourselves for help or to something that will distract us from the pain and problems. Even good and noble things can become a distraction unless they are placed in their proper order. Throughout this discussion, we are reminded that as believers, we are to make Christ our first turn in every situation. 

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