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How to Make Single Malt Whiskey Out West with Thomas Mooney, Westward Whiskey
Episode 1397th January 2020 • Lush Life • Susan L. Schwartz
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Welcome  back to Lush Life! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  We swing back into action with a guest who was always the guy at the office who doing whisky Tastings. I had no idea that position even existed. 

I’m Susan Schwartz, your drinking companion, and this is Lush Life Podcast, every week we are inspired to live life one cocktail at a time by the best in the industry. 

Whiskey was Thomas Mooney, the co-founder of Westward Whiskey’s, drink of choice. So much so that he really was the guy who arranged whiskey tastings at the office. He thought one day he would retire and then have a whisky distillery, but that dream became a reality sooner than he thought.

We begin the year with a classic American cocktail with a french name, The Boulevardier. Think Negroni but replace the gin with American Whiskey.  

So we have sweet vermouth, campari and whiskey. Supposedly a man named Erskine Gwynne, an American who whilst living in Paris in the 1920’s, founded a magazine called Boulevardier.

The authors published in his popular magazine drank as good as they could write - Hemingway, Joyce, and Noel Coward to name just a few.

Today we have a take on the classic boulevardier recipe from Will Meredith head bartender of award winning London Bar Lyaness. He calls it the Crystal Garden Boulevardier.


Our cocktail of the week is: Crystal Garden Boulevardier.


  • 45ml Westward Whiskey

  • 20ml Basil Bitter*

  • 20ml Peach Stone Aperitif*


  • Builds the three ingredients in a glass with ice

  • Stir and then garnish with a grapefruit slice


To learn Will’s inspiration for the cocktail and how to make the Basil Bitter and the Peach Stone Aperitif, you’ll have to visit my website where you can find this recipe, more Whisky recipes and all the cocktails of the week at, where you’ll also find all the ingredients in our shop


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