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How to write a press release for your pet business
Episode 19230th January 2024 • Your pet business content your way • Rachel Spencer
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Do you need to write a press release about your pet business?

You're in the right place!

This episode will cover everything you need to know when it comes to creating a press release for your pet business.

But what I’m really keen to stress is that there is more to landing press coverage than writing a press release.

What journalists want are stories, and by the end of this episode, you’ll have a sense of how to go about finding them in your pet business, plus what you can do if you’d like some support.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

0.20 - Introduction to the podcast and topic.

0.46 - Why I've re-recorded this episode from 2020.

1.38 - My background and how this will help you with your press release.

4.28 - Why journalists aren't bothered about press releases and what they really want instead.

4.57 - What to expect from this episode.

5.19 - Definition of a press release.

5.54 - Why you as a business owner are capable of writing one yourself.

6.55 - Why there's never been an easier time to connect with the press.

7.44 - Why have a press release and how being in the press gives third party validation.

9.20 - When you might need a press release.

10.53 - Examples of what makes a story from Zoe, Rachel and Sarah.

16.33 - Story idea prompts for if you're stuck for ideas.

17.40 - How to write your press release.

19.00 - Why you want your story to be click-baity.

22.59 - What else you need to include with your press release.

25.27 - What you shouldn't do with your press release.

28.01 - Options for working together if you'd like support.

28.45 - How press coverage has helped my dog friendly business go from ghost town to fully booked.

29.36 - What to expect from the membership.

31.18 - How my 1-1 calls work.

Background on the host:

If you’re new to the podcast and you’ve clicked on this episode because you need to write a press release, here’s a little background about me.

I’m a journalist and have been since 1999, a whopping 25 years ago, writing for local, regional, and national newspapers.

In 2006 I went freelance, and since then, I have continued to work for national titles, women's magazines, and websites. I found myself writing about the pet industry after adopting my friend's dog Daisy in 2009, and this led me to start my own pet blog.

My blog,, appeared in the top 10 UK pet blogs, and businesses and brands would approach me about being on it, and when they found out I was a journalist, they asked for help in landing press coverage.

This led to me writing a book, 'Publicity Tips for Pet Businesses,' starting a Facebook group, working one-to-one with people, starting an online course, this podcast, then a membership.

Since 2019, I’ve helped over 1000 pet business owners appear in newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, including BBC Breakfast, websites, podcasts, and more.

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