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Qiological Podcast - Michael Max EPISODE 50, 3rd July 2018
Discussing Jing Fang with Dr. Huang Huang • Qi039
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Discussing Jing Fang with Dr. Huang Huang • Qi039

Fifteen plus years ago when I was living in Beijing and studying medicine and language I was gifted with a copy of Dr. Huang's Ten Key Formula Families in Chinese Medicine.

At the time it was an astonishing read, as I'd never been exposed to his ideas about constitutional type and how certain people have an affinity for a particular herb or formula family.

It changed how I thought about herbal medicine.

And I've been fortunate to have now known Dr. Huang for many years, and had an opportunity to introduce his work to the western world. 

I was recently in Nanjing for a visit and had an opportunity to sit down with him and some of his foreign Ph.D. students and have a discussion around his latest thoughts on the classic formulas and the practice of medicine. 

Please enjoy this podcast in either English or Chinese, as I was able to edit for both languages.


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