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Future of Agriculture 078: The Zillow of Farmland with Terva CEO Steven Brockshus Final
8th November 2017 • Future of Agriculture • Tim Hammerich
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Steven Brockshus is the CEO and Founder of TERVA, an online real estate marketplace dedicated to empowering farmland professionals with knowledge, insights, and data. They aim to build a marketplace not only to educate, but to also connect with people looking to buy and sell farmland. He aims to bring the agricultural real estate industry online to shift the industry and how people interact and think about farmland.


In this episode, Steven shares his story on how he started TERVA as well as the moments and people in his life that inspired him to do so. He talks about what it can do now and what it sets to do for farmers in the future, and why TERVA is a great resource for those planning to retire on the countryside.


  “Disruption in the ag context is different than a disruption in a Silicon Valley or social media based business.”– Steven Brockshus


  This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast: 


  • What is TERVA, their vision, and mission?
  • How the startup company he interned with inspired him to create TERVA.
  • How being in the FFA made him a better business leader.
  • Who finds the most value in using TERVA?
  • The format people want when using TERVA.
  • Where do they plan to expand next?
  • How they convince potential investors.


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