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How Business Podcasters Can Optimize Growth Through StoryChief Content Marketing
Episode 103rd November 2021 • Podcasting Strategy • Juergen Berkessel
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For the last episode of Season 1 of the “Podcasting Strategy” podcast I’m revisiting and updating an older episode of my first podcast, “The Podcast Growth Show”. Back in 2018 we talked about the benefits of widely distributing podcast show notes articles using the StoryChief platform.

StoryChief excels in “content marketing”, for blogs as well as for podcast episode articles . And for our clients, we still follow this approach as one of the best ways to organically grow and promote a podcast to this day, while growing an email list and social following in the process.

The StoryChief platform has evolved and grown since then, and yet much has stayed the same.

And, we still offer a 20% platform discount to our followers.

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