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FORMULA INDIE 27.07.2022
27th July 2022 • Formula Indie • European Indie Music Network
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Crash World – Lucky One

Al Mur – Capturing the mood

Collie Wattz – Werewolf

Rad – Luxury Boutique

Bir Tawil – As fire as well

IHATEJON – See No Evil

Zenta Sato – R U Happy?

My Friend The Chimpanzee – Twin Moons

Unfortunately Steven – Life’s Too Expensive for Me

Said Sara - Sea

Des Cox – The happy way through life

Vincenzo Donnamaria - Il mandrillo

Ananda Xenia Shakti - I Am Love

Sun King Rising "Free Will in China Blue"

Clat – La fine del mondo

Jeremy Parsons "Things To come"

Giampix - Sistema

Tommie Leveal – Chicago Blues

Little Wretches "Palms & Crosses"

3 Mind Blight – Silenced by the sound

Zerocurve - Burning down the pray

Ludlow Creek "What About Love"

Therry - Ieri

Silvia Thomas feat. Cesare Mecca – El Taladro

Vineet – Dee Dee Da Da (Love is Your Game)

ViennaCC – Twenty Four Seven Love

Andy Aledort – Out for a Ride

Gioele Benedetti - La felicità

Alin Dragu - Dance, dance

Anthony Casuccio – Love is the Answer