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The Becoming the Big Me Podcast - Djemilah Birnie EPISODE 61, 26th July 2021
The Three Things That You Need to Launch a Successful Podcast
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The Three Things That You Need to Launch a Successful Podcast

Welcome to Minute Madness on the Becoming the Big Me Podcast where Your host Djemilah Birnie drops a little dose of epicenes in 5 minutes or less. In today's episode Djemilah talks about the three things you need to launch a successful podcast. Many people over complicate the process and allow silly things to stop them from launching their show. In Today’s episode Djemilah smashes that belief and let’s the audience in on how she has grown this podcast.

Hi! I am your host Djemilah Birnie of www.Djemilah.com and www.becomingthebigme.com . I have been building businesses online since the age of 17. When I discovered the power that we hold within our own minds my world truly began to change.

I love to write and have published some books, some of them have even hit some charts 😲 You can check them out here Djemilah Birnie

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