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160: Entrepreneurship: Exploring Freedom, Challenges, and Success with Aoife O'Brien
16th June 2023 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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Can entrepreneurship truly lead to freedom, success, and overcoming challenges?

In this podcast episode, Aoife addresses the topic of entrepreneurship and shares her own journey as an entrepreneur. She highlights the reasons why many people consider starting their own businesses, such as the desire for freedom, flexibility, and the challenges of reaching the top in traditional corporate hierarchies. The host emphasizes the importance of finding a compelling "why" behind entrepreneurship and caring deeply about the opportunity.

The podcast also explores the realities of being an entrepreneur, including the need to market and sell oneself, the challenges of securing clients and dealing with rejection, and the importance of setting clear boundaries and managing work-life balance. The issue of money and pricing is discussed, with the recognition that determining pricing can be challenging and that steady income is not guaranteed. The podcast concludes by encouraging listeners to consider key considerations and factors when pursuing entrepreneurship.

The main points throughout this podcast include:

- Reasons for considering entrepreneurship: freedom, flexibility, and challenging traditional corporate hierarchies

- Importance of finding a compelling "why" behind entrepreneurship

- Realities of being an entrepreneur: marketing and selling, securing clients, dealing with rejection

- Setting boundaries and managing work-life balance

- Challenges of determining pricing and uncertainty of steady income

- Encouragement to consider key factors before pursuing entrepreneurship

”I wasn't intending to set up my own business at all. I wasn't intending to be an entrepreneur, but I got into it because I saw that there was an opportunity and it was something I really cared deeply about. And I think oftentimes when people set up in business, it's because they see an opportunity and they care about something deeply.”

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