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108: Michael Bernoff | Achieving A Life Beyond Limits
Episode 10831st May 2021 • The Success Finder Podcast • Brandon Straza
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Michael Bernoff is the Founder and President of the Human Communications Institute. He has helped thousands of people transform their lives through his signature events, audio seminars, and one-on-one coaching. Combining his natural talent as a communicator, deep understanding of motivation and a powerful ability to tap into virtually anyone’s desire for success, he’s unlocked the mysteries to building charisma, influence, persuasion, and connection with others.

In this episode, Michael explains how getting out of your constant environment allows you to gain a new perspective when looking to get “unstuck”. He talks about looking into your purchases in life in order to gain a HIGHER ROI in everything you do, and Michael gets into Trigger Worlds to call a spade a spade by checking your existing framework through the words you use. Check it out!

[00:01 – 02:01] Opening Segment

  • I introduce our guest, Michael Bernoff
  • I briefly talk about the great values that await you in this episode
  • Connect with our guest. See links below.

[02:02 – 10:42] Michael’s learning journey and Masterminds

  • Michael’s learning from his early years vs today
  • Michael’s Coaches, Mentors, and Masterminds
  • Resetting and getting unstuck with Masterminds
  • Leaving your constant environment to gain a new perspective

[10:43 – 25:37] Self-Education and Michael’s reality

  • The parallels of self-education and standard education moving forward
  • What to expect when working with Michael
  • Looking into your purchases to gain a Higher ROI in everything you do
  • A Success Story from Michael’s Mastermind
  • The importance of developing your communication skills

[25:38 – 36:28] Creating Success

  • What it takes to be successful
  • Make success possible and then you can make success better
  • Exciting things in store for Michael
  • Actionable Items/Tips from Michael
  • Making use of  trigger words
  • Final Thoughts

Tweetable Quotes:

“The moment you leave your environment, it changes your biochemistry inside of your brain. And my biggest win is getting out of my environment where I come up with millions of ideas.” - Michael Bernoff

“Everything in your life comes down to the way you communicate. And when you become a communications expert, everything is possible.” - Michael Bernoff

“Success is not a destination, it’s an emotion, a way of feeling.” - Michael Bernoff

“Make success possible and then you can make success better.” - Michael Bernoff

Resources Mentioned:

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