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Suzanne Pool
Episode 954th November 2021 • The Guy Who Knows A Guy Podcast • Michael Whitehouse
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Suzanne Pool, Women’s Sexual Empowerment Coach is a stand for women in their 30s, 40s – and beyond – to have the most mind-blowing sex and enjoyment of their lives! Having broken through her own barren, celibate, career-dominated life of her 30s to living a fulfilling, adventurous and seriously fun (in all ways!) life in her 40s, Suzanne shows her clients it is possible to grasp life by the horns, conquer their fears and live life as a daring adventure – no matter their age, or where you live in the world!

A former Lawyer with a wry sense of humour, and the willingness to get down and dirty, Suzanne coaches from a place where your dreams are possible (and feeling sexy is an everyday occurance!) – and the only thing preventing you achieving them is something you haven’t yet seen.

You want your orgasm back? And it’s been missing for more than a decade?

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