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Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Episode 1815th September 2019 • Verbal Diorama • Verbal Diorama
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Have you seen that movie by Edgar Wright?

Shaun of the Dead? I love that movie.

No, the other one.

Hot Fuzz - I always quote it!

No, neither of those, the one with the young lad as the lead

Baby Driver! Oh my god, such a cool movie, great soundtrack

None of those! The other other other other Edgar Wright movie!

The World's End?

Get out!

If this conversation has happened to you, you're not alone. Scott Pilgrim vs The World is actually brilliant, but so are all of Edgar Wright's other movies, and so poor Scott Pilgrim tends to be forgotten.

I want to change that. Scott Pilgrim has a phenomenal cast, great music, brilliant fight choreography and more video game references than all video games combined (probably). It about heart, strength, character and defeating your new loves' evil exes. What's more relateable than that?

Most importantly, I've found a new ringtone and a way to swear on the podcast without actually swearing - all thanks to this movie!

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