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The Wealthy Travel Agent Podcast - Dan Chappelle EPISODE 8, 16th April 2020
Courtnie Nichols of Travel-Bash
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Courtnie Nichols of Travel-Bash

NOTE : This episode was recorded March 9, 2020, just as the COVID-19 crisis began to escalate.

As the wife of a successful college basketball coach, Courtnie moved 5 times in 9 years. She turned her passion for travel into a successful and portable busienss.

In this episode, Courtnie shares some of the keys to how she built her business - many of which are contrary to what we have come to expect.

  • Why she CHANGED her niche to from Destination Weddings and Groups to Authentic Luxury.
  • How by focusing on a new specialty, she is earning more money and having more fun.
  • Why she charges fees.
  • Why you have to treat the business as a business.
  • Her plans to scale her busienss and what you can learn from it.
  • Where she failed and what she learned.

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