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The NSP Nutrition Show - How To Overcome The Challenges Of Leg Training And ‘High Carb’ vs. ‘Low Carb’...Why Neither Are Ideal
Episode 2024th January 2022 • NSP Nutrition Show • NSP Nutrition
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Welcome to episode #20 of the NSP Nutrition Show!

In this episode, Arman discusses how to overcome the challenges of leg training.

Plus, the guys talk about ‘high carb’ vs. ‘low carb’ diets and if there’s a better way to approach your nutrition.

In this episode, you will discover: -

- How Arman trains his lower body

- How foot position targets different muscle groups in the same exercise

- The best shoes to wear for training your legs

- Arman’s favorite tips for getting the most out of your leg training sessions

- The definition of a high and low carb diet

- Why Arman thinks neither a high nor low carb diet is ideal long term

- Arman’s alternative carb strategy to maximize your gains

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