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Is CPD impacting your Imposter Syndrome
Episode 519th June 2021 • The Grow Your Private Practice Show • Jane Travis
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Do you ever feel that you need a certificate for every counselling subject that comes up and that if you don't, you are somehow failing as a counsellor or letting your clients down?

If so, take a listen because in this podcast I explore the continuous pull for CPD training.

I'll be looking at:

  • How the drive to continuously take CPD has been affected during lockdown
  • Why it could be problematic
  • How it can impact on Imposter Syndrome
  • What you can do instead

So if you’re spending every waking minute learning, and are starting to feel confused and overwhelmed then take a listen. 

(And remember, in the Grow Your Private Practice membership, all the training includes a CPD certificate))

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