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5. What if Something Amazing Happens with Geraldine DeBraune
Episode 55th July 2022 • Soulful Streaming • Allison Bobb and Tina Janczura DaSilva
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What if something Amazing Happens? Today, we’re chatting with Geraldine DeBraune about the power of the reframe. When you think there is no way out, there’s always that little whisper, the tug of curiosity or that little nudge that makes room for the magic to happen. Geraldine is a life coach, cultivator of curiosity, co-founder of Croneology (the science and study of wise women) and so much more. Trust us when we say you may want to have a notebook handy for this episode.

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Streams We're Hitting on Today's Episode:

  • Why a simple and powerful mindset reframe can change your life
  • How to break through imposter syndrome and live into a purpose-filled career 
  • The Triple Goddess: Mother, Maiden and Crone and why crones may have the most fun 

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