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Cultivating a Leadership Mindset with Leah Roe
Episode 148th June 2022 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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Regardless of the size of your business, you are a leader, and as a leader, you have to be responsible for the power you’re bringing into the spaces and conversations you’re in. Everything is determined by your mindset. Leah Roe shares her learning and the tools that she uses to help herself and her clients. Find out how beneficial the Thought Model is for you as a leader. A mindset is a choice, and there’s so much power in shifting the mindset for growth. Listen to learn more about how a growth mindset can give you the results that you're aiming for. 


05:31 It’s really that mindset of just saying yes and trying things and being OK failing.  “Failures are the greatest lesson”. 

09:58 Mindset, one of the biggest learnings, is that it is a choice and that you do have a choice in it. 

11:27 If you’re not getting the results that you want in your life, in your business, in your relationships, you need to pull it all back to your thoughts. What’s the mindset that you’re choosing to have about that situation that is creating your results?

12:52 Working with leaders is helping them understand their feelings around things and lean into that.

21:15 Don’t be surprised when you see the results start to change once you change the way you’re thinking and the mindset that you're choosing. 


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Leah Roe’s Bio 

Leah is an entrepreneur, a Certified Leadership Coach, Organizational Trust Expert, & a mom. She is the Founder of The Perk, a premier leadership & team coaching, training, & development studio. In her work, she celebrates leaders for who they are & who they want to be, while also holding their feet to the fire to take action & achieve incredible results. She also helps organizations take their culture & team performance to the next level in a psychologically safe, fun & highly effective way. Her favorite word is AMAZING, & confetti can be found wherever she goes.