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Nonprofit Hospitals and Tax Exemptions: What's at Stake
Episode 53rd July 2023 • Complications: Health Policy Unraveled • McGuireWoods Consulting
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In this episode of Complications: Health Policy Unraveled, Stephanie Kennan discusses the tax exemption status of nonprofit hospitals, the legal requirements for tax exemption, and the recommendations made by the General Accounting Office regarding this issue. Despite the lack of clarity from Congress, scrutiny on tax exemption status may increase as the IRS responds to criticisms.

Meet Your Host

Name: Stephanie Kennan 

Title: Senior Vice President, Federal Public Affairs at McGuireWoods Consulting

Specialty: Stephanie Kennan helps clients navigate the legislative and executive branches of the federal government to solve problems involving a variety of healthcare policy issues. Her work focuses on providers, medical device manufacturers, drug manufacturers and associations concerned about Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.

Connect: LinkedIn

Episode Highlights

[00:45] The significant role of tax exemption.

[01:12] GAO made recommendations to Congress.

[01:26] Hospitals must satisfy three sets of requirements for non-for-profit tax exemption.

[01:40] IRS has identified six factors that demonstrate a community benefit.

[02:28] GAO’s most recent work updates a study that they did in 2020.

[03:28] Value of the tax exemption over the years.


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