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Ep #118 - The invisible messy middle of motherhood
Episode 11819th November 2019 • Happy Mama Movement with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz • Amy Taylor-Kabbaz
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Not too long ago, most of the transition of motherhood was invisible. We were so focused on childbirth, and the perfect birth plan, and then beyond that? All about the baby.
But that is beginning to change: post-partum doulas, acknowledgement of a fourth trimester, even post-natal depletion. It’s the beginning of a change.

But what about the invisible messy middle of motherhood? That time when the newborn bubble is long-gone, and the reality of juggling a toddler, or school holidays, or hand foot and mouth with a deadline at work kicks in?

This ‘messy middle’ is so important - but ignored. We are so focused on keeping all the balls in the air, we lose ourselves in the doing. We celebrate busyness and multi-tasking. We prioritise everyone else.

This is the part we need to reclaim mamas - all these years in the middle. No more invisibility. No more denial. Let’s reclaim the middle, and the woman within them.