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Episode 18th March 2021 • Giant Cocktails: A San Francisco Giants Baseball Podcast • Ben Henry and Matthew Henry
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The brothers Henry introduce themselves and their podcast. Matthew waxes eloquent about his love of the Giants. Ben humble brags about all of the playoff games he's been to. They talk about what they're going to talk about including meta talk. Yes, it's meta meta talk. Also, they like Farhan Zaidi and they agree Gabe Kapler is the manager.

0:00 Hello!

1:15 Ben is a podcast star

3:24 Old Old Fashioned

7:10 A professional Margarita

9:47 They're finally done with the intro

11:21 Matthew romanticizes eating ice cream with a wooden spoon

13:07 Ben gets a new jacket

16:30 Ben is still talking

20:00 Matthew makes fun of Ben not being able to count

22:30 Ben is still complaining about 1993

25:25 Matthew finally gets a word in and mistakenly asks Ben a question

27:00 Farhan Zaidi makes an appearance

29:05: Gavin Lux makes an appearance

31:25 Cyborg players do not exist

33:00 The plan is the plan and they're sticking to the plan because that's the plan

36:09 Ben isn't a professional baseball player

38:40 Matthew and Farhan Zaidi are on a first name basis

40:16 They accept reality then hang a huge asterisk on it

End: So that happened