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Ep #107 - Choosing love over fear with Fleur Chambers
Episode 1073rd September 2019 • Happy Mama Movement with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz • Amy Taylor-Kabbaz
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There’s a lot to be worried about.
Our kid’s health, their safety, bullying, screen time.
At first, it was how to just keep them alive, and then, as they get older, the fears seem to compound with each passing day…
How can we ensure they’re safe? How do we instill a deep sense of self within them? How do we let go when we want to keep them so close?

Trust, and surrender. That’s what I have to remember, over and over again:
Trust, and surrender.

Choosing love over fear as a mama is one of the greatest challenges, and in this episode, meditation teacher and mama Fleur Chambers shares her own journey with post-natal anxiety, and finding her way to love over fear.
You can listen to Fleur’s phenomenally successful meditations on Insight Timer, or explore her online programs here.