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Spice World - Spice World EPISODE 44, 11th February 2021
Dune - Chapter 42

Dune - Chapter 42

Great Mother Kubebe! That's a big worm! Once Paul mounted the great worm we climbed up with the rest of the fremen. Tensions rose as Stilgar made his way up through the ranks. He took Paul down a notch with everyone listening in. Shucks we all make mistakes, Paul. We offer some driving school anecdotes of our own to cheer up our favorite mahdi. Fortunately some smugglers show up to give us all a common enemy again. We help sprinkle some spice on the sands for the trap. While Farok sweeps it perfectly even, we go over the plan…

Wasted Worm

Chakobsa was an ancient language right?

Pardot bends it; Paul breaks it

Then we take a trip to the old Imperial stomping grounds

Episode Guide

02:50 Chapter Summary Begins

01:24:45 Fremen Education

01:45:48 Daniels Dune Gazetteer: Corrin

02:10:45 Distrans


La Crema

Pinot Noir Rose 2019

"This is an evening wine..."

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