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Are We On Track?
Episode 835th June 2018 • Turning the Tide, Saving the Chesapeake Bay • Chesapeake Bay Foundation
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At the halfway mark in the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint, CBF President Will Baker and Dr. Beth McGee, CBF's Director of Science and Agriculture Policy, assess progress in pollution reduction across the region.


01:28  Overview of midpoint progress 02:35  The impact of sewage treatment plants 03:25  Trends for other sectors 03:55  Progress in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia 05:15  Funding for pollution reduction efforts 09:58  CBF's efforts helping farmers in Pennsylvania and the importance of planting trees. 11:15  Scientific basis for targeting geographic locations of where funding will have the greatest impact. 13:06  Air pollution's contribution to nitrogen pollution in the Bay and regulations being rolled back. 16:44  Maryland's Back River Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade project 18:15  What gives us hope; what worries us

  From this episode:

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Tell your elected officials to make sure the Federal Farm Bill contains conservation funding. Find your representative's contact information here.

Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership

The importance of trees to pollution reduction, our health, our economy, and our environment

CBF Report: Closing Pennsylvania's Pollution-Reduction Gap

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