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How to Raise $8k Quickly and Bring Scriptwriting Principles to Your Documentary Film
Episode 1171st November 2019 • The Documentary Life • The Documentary Life
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How can you raise a quick $8k in 18 days for your documentary film?  Steph and I recently did this on our doc project, Elvis of Cambodia. We’d like to share a few things that worked well and one thing that we wished we’d done!

How can you bring feature narrative scriptwriting principles to my documentary film? World-renowned documentary storytelling consultant, Karen Everett, of New Doc Editing, has some great ideas on this!


Topics Discussed

  • tips for quickly raising $8k for your documentary film
  • how & why the three-act story structure can work for your documentary film
  • the importance of discovering your protagonist and their need
  • tips for accelerating the post production schedule for your documentary
  • why you should seriously consider a story consultant in both pre and post production


Additional Resources

Watch a documentary editing seminar led by New Doc Editing’s, Karen Everett



To get a better understanding of how a story consultant can help your doc project, head on over to New Doc Editing and discover all that Karen has to offer you!




Download a free copy of Karen Everett’s book on Documentary Editing .





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