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1035 - How to Achieve Accessible Scaling with Scalewerks' Mark Jacobs
7th January 2022 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to the founding partner of Scalewerks, Mark Jacobs. 

Scalewerks strives to help companies achieve accessible scaling. Scalewerks is an accelerator for mid-life companies (these companies make about 50 million dollars in revenue annually). The types of companies that fit with Scalewerks are the ones that offer unique value to their audiences, but need to utilize or identify these offerings and get them out into the world.  

Josh and Mark talk about how to get to 7-figures. There are many levels to developing the structure to scale to that size, but it’s all about listening to your team, according to Mark. Celebrate your team’s perspective and scale and grow in an environment that celebrates collaboration. 

Mark also shares that it's not about marketing anymore, it’s about strategic thinking and the market systems that support that strategic thinking. Then, you can take it to scale. There are different strengths found in different types of leaders and there’s a difference between the energetic entrepreneur and a seasoned executive, and every style of leadership has its place. 

Josh and Mark explore how entrepreneurs need to be careful and operate in their area of genius. If you can quantify yourself and your skills, you and your company can grow together if you know what to work on. 

Mark also talks about strategic placement. If you place yourself in a role where your leadership style thrives, maintain that style as your company grows. Don’t force yourself to change rapidly, rather make any changes that are needed to keep going, but don’t try to work outside of your area of leadership competence, either. It’s all about growth perspective. 

Josh also asks Mark about how to grow in sales. It’s sales before scale, Mark shares. Your approach to selling should reflect the look and feel of your business, so find sales team members who can do that. Also, do your market research. What do you offer? What problem do you solve? Don’t forget to ask your customer base why they’re loyal to your brand. If you’re successful in understanding why your loyal customers love what you do, you can build communities out of those customers, which will ultimately result in new customers. 

There are three phases to go through when companies work with Scalewerks.The lab is a two day intensive exercise. Scalewerks’ lab exercises offer epiphany moments to business leaders – and catalyst moments for high-level problem solvers. The accelerator program lasts 6-8 weeks and does the loyalty research for the business so they can formulate an achievable growth plan. Finally, their protocol phase is when a business wishes to partner with Scalewerks in order to continue that work. 

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