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PodOn Podcast - StudioPod Media EPISODE 7, 9th March 2021
Using podcasting to Build Your Brand with Goli Kalkhoran
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Using podcasting to Build Your Brand with Goli Kalkhoran

Welcome to PodOn, the podcast where we share stories from other podcasters and talk with them about the challenges we all face when beginning the podcasting journey. If you are a podcaster, we would love to hear your story and your feedback. If you love this podcast, please subscribe and share it with your friends. 

On this PodOn episode, Julian and TJ talk to Lessons From A Quitter’s Goli Kalkhoran, about her journey leaving her job, what it was like to start a podcast, and how she pushed through self doubt and limiting beliefs. They’ll touch on their serendipitous encounter at a podcasting fair and dive into Goli’s super encouraging tips on how to survive those first months of podcasting insecurities. Listen to learn more about the Lessons From A Quitter coaching program and why it is okay to still be figuring it out. 

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(02:34) - Goli’s life before podcasting and jumpstarting Lessons From a Quitter - “In 2016 I knew I was going to eventually start a podcast about this, but I had all these limiting beliefs and all these other stories about why I couldn't.”

(7:46) - Using podcasts to build your brand’s trust factor- “If you have more of a brand that you want to create, a really special thing about podcasting is that it's such an intimate medium.”

(12:06) - Goals and self doubt at the beginning - “It takes a year of podcasting to really feel like you know what you're doing.”

(16:04) - How Goli’s podcast grew into something else- “Sometimes it's just pushing through, but a lot of it was me really working on my mindset and realizing why am I doing this.”

(19:40) - On being too precious about your podcast - “Every time I've pivoted or done something else, it's always worked out really well, so I'm learning that to be less afraid.”

(23:27) - There are no overnight successes - “You're always comparing your step one to someone else's step 20, or step 30, or year 10.”

(27:28) - Why being multifaceted actually works - “People want you to be a full human, they don't necessarily need you to just be a brand.


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Lessons From a Quitter

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