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717: 6 Steps to Leading Great Team Meetings – Robyn Theisen
Episode 71710th April 2024 • The Best Practices Show with Kirk Behrendt • ACT Dental
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717: 6 Steps to Leading Great Team Meetings – Robyn Theisen

If you think you don't have time for team meetings — think again. You don't have time not to do them! To highlight the importance of consistent communication, Kirk Behrendt brings back Robyn Theisen, one of ACT’s amazing coaches, to explain why meeting with your team is critical and how to do it in a productive way. Start communicating better so you can function better! To learn how, listen to Episode 717 of The Best Practices Show!

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Main Takeaways:

  • Have team meetings every week, on the same day, at the same time.
  • You're all working toward the same goal. Have one another’s backs.
  • Create an environment of vulnerability-based trust.
  • Encourage team buy-in, not consensus.
  • Build a system for accountability.
  • Proactively mine for conflict.


0:00 Introduction.

1:50 Why team meetings are important.

2:59 Strategically schedule team meetings.

3:44 Why meetings should be done on a weekly basis.

7:50 Have an environment of vulnerability-based trust.

10:14 Proactively mine for conflict.

13:28 Encourage buy-in, not consensus.

16:36 Have a structure for holding people accountable.

19:35 Create a culture of having one another’s backs.

22:18 You don't have time not to do team meetings.

25:42 Final thoughts.

Robyn Theisen Bio:

Robyn Theisen brings an entire life and legacy of dental experience to the team and every team with which she works as the daughter and sister of dentists. With almost 20 years of experience in dentistry, her roles ranged from practice management to operations at Patterson Dental to coaching teams. Robyn’s passion is empowering teams to realize that they can dramatically impact the lives of the people they serve by implementing skills and systems to remove barriers to life-changing dental treatment. She has done it for decades and does it every day with dental teams.

Outside of coaching, she enjoys time with her husband, Rob, and two daughters, Emerson and Ruby. She loves traveling, music, fitness, and cheering on the Michigan State Spartans. 



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