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5 Ways to Support Yourself When Things Get Tough
Episode 101st June 2021 • Divine Feminine CEO • The Uncorporette
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Wouldn't it be great if life - and business - was always easy? We'd do all the things, find joy with ease, and put all our life force where we desire.

But that's not life. Sometimes, things get a little tougher - but we still have to do "all the things". So how do we move through the tough times with grace - and without burning out?

In this episode, we'll explore 5 easy ways to support yourself when life gets a little darker - so you can find the light again faster, and with more strength.

We'll cover...

  1. Keeping your body temple pure
  2. Gratitude & visualization
  3. Functional support
  4. Calling on external support systems
  5. Energetic support