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114 – PPE – can we make it in the UK?
Episode 11414th April 2020 • Make it British Podcast • Kate Hills
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Until a few weeks ago most people probably had no idea what PPE stood for. But during the Covid_19 outbreak PPE has regularly been in the news because Personal Protective Equipment can mean the difference between staying fit and well or catching the deadly coronavirus. In this episode I look at why there is such a terrible shortage of PPE in the UK and whether we can make the Personal Protective Equipment that we need locally. 

  • Why is there a worldwide shortage of PPE?
  • What have UK manufacturers and designers been doing to help?
  • What is the UK government doing to address the shortage?
  • How is Make it British getting involved and what is the British Textile Consortium?

More about the British Textile Consortium Shownotes for this episode including links to organisations helping to make PPE in the UK can be found at

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