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Industry Insights: Advanced sales techniques, from Darren Bull, Director, Atlantic Caravans
Episode 144th October 2022 • My Caravan Industry Insights Podcast • John Rawlings
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Episode 14: Advanced sales techniques using insights into how a customer's brain reacts, but Darren Bull from Atlantic Caravans

After many years of experience, and lots of sales training, Darren Bull, who runs his own caravan dealership in Cornwall, says he can help other caravan sales people use some advanced sales techniques to give them a competitive edge over other sales people the customer will probably speak to.

Darren has studied human behaviour including how the brain works and is happy to share his insights on how he believes it's possible to build more empathy with potential customers.

He's also a published author! (see link to his book below)

With the Motorhome and Caravan Show taking place this month, this episode of the My Caravan Industry Insights Podcast is well worth listening to by everyone exhibiting at the show, or anyone with their own business who wants to try to make it a bit more successful.

His skills definitely worked when he asked to be interviewed for the podcast.


Topics discussed:

  1. Darren Bull's dealership and market trends
  2. Traditional sales techniques
  3. Analysis of a human brain
  4. Building empathy with potential customers
  5. The power of telling a story
  6. Real life examples


Darren Bull's book on Amazon:

Instagram: @atlantic_caravans_cornwall

Facebook: @Atlantic Caravans

Twitter: @AtlanticCaravan

YouTube: @Atlantic Caravans

Linkedin: Darren Bull





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