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The Corona Diaries - Steve Hogarth EPISODE 56, 24th May 2021
Chapter 56. Communication Breakdown
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Chapter 56. Communication Breakdown

You can be forgiven for thinking this sounds like one of those episodes that was recorded late in the evening, after we had both taken a drink.

'Possibly because this is one of those chapters of TCD that didn't quite go to plan. To start with the sketchy bit of research Ant had done proved to be of no great worth, so we ended up waffling and giggling.

Then we lost the zoom feed, and we didn't manage to re-connect until three days later.

Now of course we are ever the professionals (as you know) so we may have put a good shine on it. But just in case we didn't (there are some things you famously can't polish) I am putting my cards on the table. Ah - a straight flush!

Love'n'Rasputin (wasn't HE deaf in one ear?)


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