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The Gerry Anderson Podcast - Anderson Entertainment EPISODE 91, 9th March 2020
Pod 91: Dr David Parker from ESA (Part Two)
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Pod 91: Dr David Parker from ESA (Part Two)

This week it's the second of three episodes featuring Dr David Parker - the European Space Agency's director of human and robotic exploration. As a lifelong Gerry Anderson fan, David shares more of his fascination with shows like UFO and Space: 1999, as well as hinting at how Gerry Anderson vehicles and technology are beginning to become a reality today.

We've also got the usual FAB Facts, some Gerry Anderson news, the Randomiser and all the usual gubbins that Richard, Jamie and Chris come up with.

2:20 FAB Fact - a sinister one, and a bonus fact!

9:00 - A listener complaint!

13:10 - The Gerry Anderson News

18:45 - Podsteron emails and social media posts

22:40 - Dr David Parker part two

35:30 - Rounding up and messages from the Anderverse

39:20 - Chris Dale's amazing Randomiser

49:45 - Wrapping things up