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431. The Infertility Myth with Dr. Cleopatra
Episode 4311st June 2021 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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Fertility queen, Dr. Cleopatra, is in the Almost 30 house, making K + L’s ovaries burst with love for life, motherhood, and the prospect of creating what she calls “superbabies:” the brainiest, healthiest, most beautiful babies our bodies were meant to have. She has three superbabies of her very own (FYI: she's 43) and has dedicated over 80,000 hours developing and perfecting her primemester protocol. 

This woman is on a mission, and by the number of questions you guys sent over, it seems you're on the same page. 

Dr. Cleopatra shares her perspective on every angle of the baby-making process, from nurturing the prime environment and mindset for conception to understanding the environmental and societal factors that work against us. 

Knowledge is power, and K + L sincerely hope that this episode inspires every woman who is feeling the call to conceive and create her own superbaby. 

We also talk about:

  • Dr. Cleopatra’s lifelong dedication to fertility 
  • The difference between fertility challenges and infertility 
  • Modern life, reproduction, and epigenetics
  • How inequality can affect fertility and pregnancy experience
  • Her primemester protocol
  • Creating superbabies
  • The role diet and nutrition play in genetic expression
  • Exploring pleasure energy 
  • Questions from the community  
  • Spirituality in her practice 

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